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Welcome to Worton, Wiltshire


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  • Christopher Nixon (Tuesday, July 05 16 11:09 am BST)

    On monday 4th July we had one of the most interesting Parish council meetings.
    On of the main topics was the Speeding on the C20 to which Clir Philip Whitehead discussed.
    It was a great pity that he had no positive answers, or ideas to help the situation, but he seemed to endorse the idea of the 20 mph speed limit around the school area along the high street.
    I would like to see the PC push this forward now with vigour,especially with the proposal of the Nursery at Whatley's Close.
    School signs could be erected on the outskirts of the village with flashing lights when the speed limit is active.
    We will never totally stop people speeding through the village but I believe this could go a long way in reducing the number still speeding.

  • Robert Goss (Sunday, December 27 15 03:36 pm GMT)

    To all dog walkers, we have sheep on the farm over the winter months. We have just Had a dog chasing them around the field, luckily the sheep that were chased into the Brook were got out before they
    were drowned but the one yesterday was not so lucky.you all must keep your dogs on leads and respect the fact that it is our livelihoods you and your dogs are messing with.
    Robert Goss

  • Richard Bailey (Saturday, August 29 15 12:55 pm BST)

    Sad to tell, but my older brother Tony Bailey passed away this month. Formerly a Worton boy and we'll known locally.

  • Christopher Nixon (Tuesday, June 30 15 11:09 am BST)

    I attended the Seend meeting reference the neighbourhood planning.
    I would urge any one to look at there web site, as to the work involved and some indication of how to go about it.
    They certainly recommend that we get on with it sooner rather than later.

  • Christopher Nixon (Sunday, May 10 15 04:37 pm BST)

    Reference the parish council meeting on the 6th may.
    Councillor Richard Gamble talking about the Neighbourhood plan implied that we as parishiors should seek out alternative sites for housing in the village now.
    Is he saying that if there is no alternative sit found then the current SHLAA site would be considered?
    But to seek alternative sites,surely that is one of the reasons for starting the Neighbourhood plan. We as individuals cannot go round finding alternative land for building.
    There is no doubt about the ground swell of enthusiasm in the village as a whole for the parish council to bring forward the meeting to start the plan.
    The parish council should consult the village now and let's get on with it.

  • Sarah and Phillip Lane (Tuesday, May 05 15 09:27 pm BST)

    Please add your support for a Neighbourhood Plan for Worton by adding your name to the petition at:


    If you would like to get involved in the group that is working for. Neighbourhood Plan for Worton - open to all - please contact us via this email address.


    Your village needs you to ensure that you we all have a say in its future, especially the development here.

  • Sarah Lane (Tuesday, May 05 15 09:14 pm BST)

    A big effort has gone into talking to and communicating with many villagers about planning matters and a Neighbourhood Plan. There is overwhelming support for a Neighbourhood Plan for Worton but it
    has taken non Parish Council members to get this moving. It would be appreciated if the Parish Council would get behind the village voice on this, supporting the efforts that a group of private
    individuals have gone to,to get our community effort and steering group for a Neighbourhood Plan underway.

  • Christopher Nixon (Friday, May 01 15 10:20 am BST)

    I also agree with Phillip Lane in getting a Neighbourhood Plan started.
    Bearing in mind the importance of the plan and the majority view of the village,I am amazed at the delay from the Parish council.
    I trust and hope they reconsider the situation and utilize the enthusiasm and professionalism that is available in the village and get started with this important plan.

  • Christopher Nixon (Friday, May 01 15 10:11 am BST)

    This morning there was an accident at Norney Bridge, Mill Road.
    A motor cyclist was taken to hospital after being knocked down by a reversing van this morning 1st May.
    With the additional traffic it is becoming evident that one way priority signs are require for the bridge as soon as possible.
    I trust the Parish council will take note and act.

  • Phillip Lane (Thursday, April 23 15 11:01 pm BST)

    I attended the meeting in the Rose and Crown this evening to discuss village planning issues. This was very well attended with over 50 parishioners present and known apologies from further 10. Taking
    their children and spouses into account they must therefore represent at least 20 % of the village. Well done all for turning out. A straw poll showed almost unanimous support for immediate
    commencement of a Neighbourhood Plan. I find it difficult to believe therefore that the Parish Council will delay starting one any longer. I will be presenting this evidence and requesting them to do
    so at the next council meeting.

  • Christopher Nixon (Wednesday, April 22 15 12:18 pm BST)

    With the currant road works taking place on the Seend end of the village, there is no warning at the junction in Mill Road. In fact there was a minor accident there this morning 22nd April.
    There should be signs in Mill Road warning of traffic lights.

  • Phillip and Sarah Lane (Tuesday, March 03 15 08:10 pm GMT)

    We wanted to register our thanks to the Voluntary members of the WortonTraffic Team and the Parish Council members, particularly the Road Safety
    leads for all the hard work that they have done and continue to do, standing
    out on cold pavements capturing speed data, collating and distributing
    information, pressing for Highways help for traffic calming measures, and
    lobbying tirelessly to make the village safer. We realise it is a real uphill struggle
    with an awfully long way to go but there has been significant progress made
    - families and children of the village must thank you more publicly for the
    work you do. We resolved to do that this morning. So thank you for all your

    Last night at the PC meeting I heard the story of an accident at the western end of the village lately - horrible - lucky survivors by all
    accounts. The High Street traffic is a very serious problem and this
    village cannot take increases in volume at the rate that the data supplied
    in the The Bridge recently shows. Any more pressure on our High Street and
    the causes of that pressure (eg the spectre of massive housing development
    in and around Worton and Marston, on top of increased service vehicles, lorries, extra solar
    farm traffic cutting through etc etc) changes all our lives.
    The data that has been highlighted in The Bridge lately illustrates what we already know, a huge increase in volume. Worton cannot continue at this traffic rate.

    Report any problems and incidents with speed, bad driving and certainly any accidents you witness. Don\'t forget that unless reported (and many RTA incidents are not attended by police or other
    emergency services), they are
    not included in the accident case files which build up and compel Highways to act.
    Numbers sadly speak loudest here. We don\'t want any number to be a child
    that is run over walking in Worton village and none of us should fear our village roads.

  • Christopher Nixon (Tuesday, March 03 15 09:32 am GMT)

    Last night there was a very important parish meeting up in the village hall.
    There are issues that are going to affect the future of our village.
    Although the meeting was attended by quite a few members of the general public, it was a view that the parish council needs to review how it communicants with the village.
    As shown on this forum not many people use it, and public notices on notice boards are hardly read.
    Why cannot we have the minutes of the last meeting and agenda for the next delivered with The Bridge. Something coming through the letter box of all the houses in the village is surely the best way,
    and any costs will be far out weighed by the added participation of the village.
    What do we all think?

  • Christopher Nixon (Tuesday, December 02 14 01:31 pm GMT)

    Speeding Worton.
    I would like to agree with the gentleman from Marston in the Dec. Bridge reference the proposed speed limit along the C20.It would be a waste of money.
    At both ends of the village there are bends that naturally slow the traffic, the fact that some vehicles speed through the village is due to poor signage, warning motorists of the 30mph limit and No
    signage that there is a school,which should during morning and afternoon in term time.have a speed limit around the school area of only 20mph with warning lights.
    If we want to really solve the problem then erect average speed cameras along the village as they do on the motor ways during long periods of maintenance, problem solved.

  • Sean Ellul (Thursday, August 07 14 09:56 pm BST)

    I think BT stand for Bloody Terrible, shocking the way villages like ours get treated.anyone know how to get a petition started??

  • Sean Ellul (Thursday, August 07 14 09:49 pm BST)

    Why do so many BIG lorries come down Worton high street they should be made to take another route.What can we do to save our one quiet village???

  • Christopher Nixon (Monday, May 12 14 09:56 am BST)

    Have spoken to them this morning 12th May 2014 and they continue to say because we (Worton)are the end of the line we should not expect down load speeds above 0.30 mgs.
    It looks unlikely that anything will be done in the near future.
    I think we just need to all keep badgering BT.

  • Christopher Nixon (Tuesday, May 06 14 09:36 am BST)

    I think the only way at present is for us all to keep badgering BT, but until they renew the telephone lines in the village it looks unlikely our speed will increase.
    reference Sean Ellul

  • Sean Ellul (Monday, April 21 14 11:00 pm BST)

    Have the same problem as Christopher Nixon,come on BT we need faster broadband NOW.Any ideas how we can push BT along???

  • Vicky Barton (Monday, April 14 14 03:59 pm BST)

    Does anybody know what is happening to Prince Hill House? I heard it was to be a wedding venue is this correct?

  • Teresa Lewis (nee Sheridan) (Sunday, April 13 14 07:18 am BST)

    If anyone has any memories about the village they would like to share please contact me I would like to add these to the Wiltshire-OPC Project website

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