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Welcome to Worton, Wiltshire


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road safety

Safety on and near our roads is of concern to us all, so the Parish Council has developed a Road Safety strategy to identify the risks and put in place a programme of actions which, when taken together with the work of others such as Community Speedwatch, Wiltshire Council, the Police, Fire Service and schools, is intended to improve the safety of residents and road users.


The first Strategy was agreed in November 2013, and can be seen in full below. Scroll down for our 2015 update.

Road Safety Strategy
Microsoft Word document [425.5 KB]

In summary, the Council has adopted the same strategy design as that used by most road safety authorities – that is, the three ‘E’s of Education, Engineering and Enforcement. Road safety can be improved when initiatives from each are taken in balance together, but we must recognise that no one element will solve the problems identified.


Worton is perceived to suffer from a number of traffic-related pressures, leading to an increase in risk of collision, and overall quality of life issues for:

  • Vehicle drivers and passengers
  • Pedestrians, including schoolchildren
  • Adjacent residents


The issues are summarised below (in no particular order) and to which the Action Plan is set:

  1. Excessive speed for conditions (whether within the statutory limit or not)
  2. Visibility and/or awareness
  3. Crossing highway
  4. Inappropriate parking


The 2013/14 Action Plan below has now being delivered. 

2013/14 action plan

  1. To provide coloured tarmac (probably green) to the pavement area used as an informal coach stop near the junction of Sandleaze and the High Street;[issues 1,2,3]
  2. Subject to data gathering and report by WC - provide an Informal Crossing Point across the High Street, near the junction of Cedar Close, to facilitate the crossing of school children and parents, and to emphasise to drivers the proximity of pedestrians in the area;[issues 1,2,3]
  3. To provide a ‘Keep Clear’ box outside the school gates for coach parking and as an overtaking traffic refuge whilst parents’ cars are parked during the school ’run’. This will also assist the disabled occupier of 154 High St in accessing his own driveway during peak periods; [issue 4]
  4. To provide a red-coloured tarmac patch, embedded with ‘SLOW’ on the eastern approach to the bends before Woodborough House and to convert the existing SLOW logo to match on the western approach; [issue 1,2]
  5. To remove a line of hedging at the junction of Cedar Close that blocks the visibility splay; [issue 2]
  6. (Personal protected data)
  7. (Personal protected data)
  8. To provide a number of parking control lines throughout the parish to improve driver visibility and congestion caused by inappropriate parking;[issue 2, 4]
  9. To clear back vegetation obscuring the village gates and provide plantings to further emphasise their presence.[issue 1,2] (reference to plantings has been withdrawn as task is not safely practicable).

The Parish Council has also been successful in achieving a revision to the current speed limit zone at the east end of the village, which will be extended around the road bend to the village gates. A 50mph limit will also be imposed from that point to Black Dog crossroads, where the A360 is already reduced to that same limit.


The Parish Council also encourages the continuing education of drivers, young and old, and supports the Community Speedwatch volunteer group in Worton. If you would like to know more about this group, see our Village Organisations page.

For 2015 and beyond the Council has reviewed its success in 2013/14 and sets out its intentions in the new Strategy below:

2015 Road Safety Strategy
Road Safety and Traffic management strat[...]
Microsoft Word document [32.5 KB]


  1. Confirm requirement for metrocount survey at east end of High Street in December 2014 to provide baseline data before movement of the speed limit to the village gates;                                
  2. Request repeat metrocounts at western and eastern ends of the village in November/December 2015;
  3. Evaluate October 2014 completed road safety improvements for one year, including above comparative metrocount data, before considering further physical works;
  4. Support Community Speedwatch in its continuing education and deterrent effort, and invite regular reports to the Parish Council with data for publication;
  5. Co-ordinate a separate multi-parish strategy to promote engineering and enforcement approaches for the C20 Seend Road, beyond the parish boundary.

traffic speed surveys

From time to time, traffic speed surveys are taken using automatic counters laid across the carriageway. These help assess how drivers are behaving, providing valuable data to support decision-making in road safety schemes. The headline figures are expressed using the speed at which 85% of all traffic is travelling at or below. More detailed analysis for 2014 is in the '2015 Road Safety Strategy' to download above. In summary, the figures available for the High Street are:


August 2010 (central High Street, near Cedar Close junction)                            36.9mph


September 2014 (western High Street , near Cedar Close junction)                 34.7mph

Of 17,360 vehicles passing this point, 6,790 drivers (39%) broke the speed limit, and over 1,330 (7.7%) would have had action taken if caught.


January 2015  (eastern High Street, near Sandleaze junction)                            35.6mph

Of 19,885 vehicles passing this point, 8,720 (44%) drivers broke the speed limit, and over 1,940 (9.8%) would have had action taken if caught.

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